Nagrand is chock full of interesting beasts but I have to say I was really excited to find one of the rares below. Serious pet collectors will recall the hours spent fishing a certain little lake in the hopes of looting their own Magical Crawdad. I really can’t tell you how many hours I endured because it took a total of FIVE Mr. Pinchys to collect my own but you can be sure I’ll be having a good stern word with his dad very soon.

Seafaring ogres claim the south of windswept Nagrand, and they seek to dominate both the land and the orcs who dwell upon it. But more cryptic threats abound: a strange mist pours from the center of the plains, embodiments of nature stir around the Throne of the Elements, and the otherworldly crystals of Oshu’gun draw questers and fortune-seekers from all over Draenor.

From the official site

AogexonExplorer-Nozzand FlinthideGazorda Garlua Gnarlhoof-the-Rabid GorepetalGraveltooth Greatfather Grizzlemaw Hunter-BlacktoothHyperiousKarosh-Blackwind Malroc-Stonesunder Mr Pinchy Sr Drop: Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn Ophiis Outrider-DurethaRedclaw-the-FeralRuklaaScout-Pokhar Turaaka Windcaller-KorastXelganak

There sure are a lot of rares starting with the letter G. As of now, I’m still missing the River Calf so if you’ve seen one in Nagrand, please share the location below. In the meantime, I hope to post my Wild Pets of Draenor very soon.