When I logged into the Garrison this afternoon, I noticed a new NPC in my Town Hall so I went to check it out.

Treasure Contract NPC

What the? A representative from the Explorer’s League in a Horde Garrison? Granted I’ve already recruited Harrison Jones as a follower so it makes sense to see someone else offering the same quests but wouldn’t it make more sense to have a Horde equivalent?

Harrison Jones follower

Outside the Town Hall, I noticed Harry just standing by the Spirit Lodge so I asked him to come on patrol with me. I was about to do a Botani Invasion so thought it’d be a good opportunity to see what he was like during one of these scenarios.

Harrison Jones-running

When something died, he would say:

Harrison Jones-invasion

one of the lines from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Yep, that’s him meleeing one of the training dummies. Every now and then I’d find him right back there, ready to dish out some more. OK, to be fair, he may have seen me accidentally flay one earlier so the ‘mob’ hadn’t technically died yet.

Harrison Jones-trap

Umm, Harry… what are you doing with that snake trap?

This is a pretty odd choice considering his intense fear of snakes. Odder still, he’s listed as a rogue, not a hunter under my list of followers. Surely this was an oversight by one of the developers after they switched him from a hunter to a rogue on the PTR. According to the follower list, he should be using Fan of Knives and Evasion which is just what you’d expect from a rogue but a snake trap? Very funny, Blizz.

Oh well, I think I’ll use him again just for the entertainment value.