The Crystal Reborn is one of six relic hunter questlines offered by Harrison Jones, who can appear in your garrison Town Hall each day. Completing the Master Relic Hunter achievement rewards Harrison Jones as a follower.

It starts with the quest – Treasure Contract: The Artificer

Dream of Argus: The Artificer

crystal reborn1 1 The Crystal Reborn

Locate Maartun and his journal on the right side of the path just as you enter the Pillars of Fate. You will find his corpse being eaten by two Void Alphas. Read the journal for the next clue.

Dream of Argus: The First Fragment

crystal reborn2 1 The Crystal Reborn

Kill Lor Stonefist in the nearby cave for the Rough Crystal Shard.

Dream of Argus: The Second Fragment

crystal reborn3 1 The Crystal Reborn

Kill Vok Blacktongue located in the right runemaster hut just as you enter the main camp. Loot the Cracked Crystal Shard.

Dream of Argus: The Final Fragment

crystal reborn4 1 The Crystal Reborn

Ride up to the highest peak and kill Koras Soulsplitter for the Smooth Crystal Shard.

Dream of Argus: The Crystal Reborn

crystal reborn5 The Crystal Reborn

Go to the cave overlooking Anguish Fortress (located behind your current location) to restore the Dream of Argus. After placing the shards on the alter, match the runes on the outer, middle and inner rings by spinning each ring until the same rune lines up with each pillar. Collect the reformed crystal and return to your Garrison.

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Hand the quest in to Rokhan for your 150G reward.