Abandoned by his mother, Matt Murdock was raised by his father, boxer “Battling Jack” Murdock, in Hell’s Kitchen. Realising that rules were needed to prevent people from behaving badly, young Matt decided to study law; however, when he saved a man from an oncoming truck, it spilled a radioactive cargo that rendered Matt blind while enhancing his remaining senses. Under the harsh tutelage of blind martial arts master Stick, Matt mastered his heightened senses and became a formidable fighter.

Source: Marvel.com

On Friday, Netflix launched the original new series, offering 13 episodes from its first epic season. Designed to be watched as a 13hr movie, Netflix offers the perfect medium to binge-watch this new gritty series.

The fight scenes are skilfully choreographed although very graphic at times so not suitable for young viewers. From what I’ve read, the writers have stayed true to the comics and books which has pleased many fans.

From the start, he’s dressed like some kind of ninja although I suspect he’s wearing his trademark red suit by the end of the season. In light of this, I’ve incorporated elements from both costumes opting for a slightly darker undertone.

I generally love watching how these shows develop, although I only know Daredevil from that Ben Affleck movie – so for those who have watched it, what do you think of the series?