Looking for something to do and enjoy collecting titles? Well you’re in luck because there’s a nifty little item which will help you kill all the Tanaan rares and give you a cool title at the end. Once you’re exalted with the Order of the Awakened and killed all the rares in Tanaan, there’s a chance to be teleported to Xemirkol each time you use your Master Hunter’s Seeking Crystal.

If successful, you’ll be teleported to a phased area overlooking the Dark Portal (just like the camel boss in Feralas). The only way to reach him is via the crystal, being exalted and having the achievement done so don’t expect to be able to teleport your friends or fly there yourself.

Last night, I managed to get ported up there three times in a row so it appears this will happen as long as he hasn’t been killed. He also seems to have a long respawn timer since I saw him again after ~16hrs which is not quite 24hrs as others have suggested.

From what I’ve read, you can kill him in a group if you all meet the requirements but if you’re not in a group while others are killing him, only the first person gets credit for the tag. This makes him different to all the other shared tags in Draenor. Today I managed to port up there and start the fight with two other Alliance players joining me soon after I engaged him but I don’t think they received the achievement as well. Apparently, the shredder can cause him to despawn but your bodyguard can prove useful if you need a tank.

Xemirkol has 2.6mil health, has 4 abilities:

  • Carrion Blast – Dodge these or you may be knocked off the platform.
  • Mind Blast – This deals a lot of damage so interrupt or you’ll be hurting.
  • Shadow Crash – Watch out for void zones otherwise you’ll be stunned for a few seconds.
  • Shadow Zone – Shadow Crashes leave a Shadow Zone which tick for around 14k.

Note: if you get punted off the platform, you will lose the debuff (which only lasts 10mins) and need to get teleported back again. The crystal also has a 15min CD.

Killing him rewards the Feat of Strength and Predator title.