If Tanaan isn’t enough to keep you occupied in Patch 6.2.2, fear not because there’ll be a valid reason to head back to Nagrand. The patch will bring three new rares to the non-instanced version of Highmaul with three new pets to collect.


Vibrating Arcane Crystal – Rukdug located in the Path of Victors

Empyreal is from Guk located in the Market District

Glittering Arcane Crystal – Guk located in the Market District

Empowered is from Pugg located in The Underbelly

Warm Arcane Crystal – Pugg located in The Underbelly

The best part is, they’re not spores or moths and apart from their identical run-of-the-mill abilities between levels 1 and 15, it’s their level 20 ability which sets them apart.


Look familiar? They’re almost identical to the Manos, Hanos and Fatos trio in the Menagerie.

So what are your thoughts? I think they look great and will have to see how well they drop on live.