A few weeks ago, Blizzard_ANZ invited me to see an advanced screening of the Warcraft movie before it officially opens in Australia. Naturally, I jumped at the chance since I’ve been following all the movie news since Blizzcon 2013.

The national release date is June 16, but five cinemas across Australia (sorry Northern Territory and Tasmania) would be screening it early to an exclusive group of Warcraft fans and community members. Sydneysiders like myself headed to Event Cinemas in George St for the official 3D launch screening of Warcraft: The Beginning.

Before I arrived, Moo sent me a message saying he and Nat were already in line. By the time I reached the foyer, they had already taken their seats inside so I took an opportunity to have my picture taken with a Garona cosplayer before lining up for snacks.

Warcraft movie launch

We were offered a choc top and 3D glasses but feeling parched, I purchased a popcorn/drink combo before heading inside. I managed to catch up with them after the movie and Dayani a short time later.

Someone said Garona was the main character of the movie but I wouldn’t go that far. She’s more like the link and it’s hard not to sympathize when you see where she’s coming from. I loved the jovial moments and Khadgar was one of my favourite characters to watch. One example in a fight scene, when things got a bit hairy, he did something SO KHADGAR! Plus, stepping through the portal, I couldn’t help thinking of a certain scene in Titanic.

Rob Kazinsky wasn’t wrong when he said you’d want to watch it twice – once for the story and twice for all the easter eggs – and boy were there a few. Sure, many won’t get the little nuances if you’ve never played the game or read any of the lore but it’s kind of like a Disney movie which kids can enjoy as well as some jokes for the adults.

Duncan Jones did a fantastic job and thought the actors played their roles brilliantly. One particular scene was heart-wrenching but I managed to hold it together (thankfully). I just hope we get the sequel or at least the potential for two more and I look forward to watching the DVD extras.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?