Ah, the elusive Dust Bunny. They can spawn all over the Legion version of Dalaran if you know what to look for. Originally, the Dust Bunny used to spawn as soon as you clicked the Dusty Rug but now a number of Dust Bunnies spawn in the streets of Dalaran. The blue-green rug can spawn on either side of the faction areas, as well as two common areas.

Dusty Rug Locations

  • Barber Shop – upper level
  • Breanni’s Shop – behind the counter
  • outside the Filthy Animal (Horde side inn) on top of the sewer grate
  • Greyfang Enclave (Alliance side) behind the Paladin portal – see video for the location
  • Legerdemain Lounge – top floor (likely removed from the beta)

Dusty Rug - Barber Shop - Dust BunnyDusty Rug - Breanni's ShopDusty Rug - Grate (Horde side)

Clicking the Dusty Rug gives you a 15 min Spring Cleaning buff:

You suddenly feel compelled to clean up around Dalaran.

meaning YOU will be the only one capable of seeing them (as long as the buff remains active). There are three breeds – P/S, S/B, and S/S. Since the rug has several locations, the respawn time is a little unclear but may be as frequent as 15mins. Realm hopping seems to be an effective method of seeing the rug so if you’re not having much luck it’s worth a shot.