Completing the new Broken Shore scenario from Patch 7.2 unlocks a new set of world quests including three new pet tamers – the Illidari Masters. All three are conveniently located by each of the flight points on the Broken Shore.

Broken Shore: Illidari MastersSissix
Location: right next to the flightpath at Aalgen’s Point
Living Pool (elemental), Tia Mia and Larry (aquatic), Rock Lobster (undead)

NamelessMystic Broken Shore: Illidari MastersNameless Mystic
Location: on the hill above Drak’thul’s camp, SW of Deliverance Point
Fido (magic), Seer’s Eye (magic), Flickering Fel (elemental)

MadamViciosa Broken Shore: Illidari MastersMadam Viciosa
Location: in a cave by Dreadstalker Point
Imply (humanoid), Rover (magic), Seduction (humanoid)

So far, the rewards have been similar to the other pet battle world quests like pet charms and bandages.