When I first read about these cute little falcosaurs, I was quite excited about doing each questline but wasn’t too keen on doing the world PVP quests. Turns out they weren’t too bad and could get them done without much hassle – unlike getting that Orphaned Direbeak to appear that day.

I ended up taking a break then logging back on and killing the Matriarch a 4th time. Thankfully, it worked and would have been pretty annoyed if I didn’t see the orphan before dailies reset.


Cool kept me company with the first set of PVP quests but decided to just focus on my favourite – the Sharptalon Hatchling. Completing the questline rewards you with the Viridian Sharptalon.


If you follow each falcosaur questline, you’ll eventually get four toys you can apply to your little hatchling.


I’m currently a few steps away from getting the other mounts but I’m glad to have this one done.

One down, three to go.