There are several things I love about the order hall and the armour racks are one of them. I’ve always loved collecting tier sets and this is a great way to show off past accomplishments. Sadly, if you’re like me, you’ve sold or destroyed many pieces to make room for others so I’ve had to reacquire many of the old sets I’d collected back then.

It would have been great to get an achievement for finishing each tier (saving some of the hassles now) but I’ve since realised some of the racks are empty because I mixed some of my sets back then to make use of better stats or double bonuses.

Void Storage Priest Tier sets

Void Storage offers an easy way to see which pieces I’m missing – even now. It’s also the only collection I haven’t really touched since transmog went virtual and account-wide.

priest armour tier 7 and 8

To fill out your armour racks, there are two rules:

  • All set pieces must be the same spec (e.g. heal)
  • Must be the lowest version available – 10m normal

You may need to wait for the refund timer to expire but if your set isn’t showing up, just relog.

Priest order hall dress rack

So what am I missing?

Vestments of Absolution

Breeches of Absolution – Black Temple

Regalia of Faith

Heroes’ Robe of Faith – Four Horseman
Heroes’ Shoulderpads of Faith – Loatheb or Gluth

Sanctification Regalia

Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification – Thorim
Valorous Leggings of Sanctification – Hodir

Additional Sets

Since you can only see the first 10 armour racks, the rest is just for the completionist.

Mercurial Vestments

Mercurial Cowl – Rugok (vendor)

Vestments of the Guardian Serpent

Guardian Serpent Mantle – Lei Shi – Terrace of Endless Springs
Guardian Serpent Legwraps – Sha of Anger
Guardian Serpent Handwraps – Sha of Anger

Vestments of Ternion Glory

Cowl of the Ternion Glory – Thok – Siege of Orgrimmar
Mantle of the Ternion Glory – Siegecrafter Blackfuse
Robes of the Ternion Glory – General Nazgrim

All-in-all, it’s not looking too bad.