It’s beginning to look a lot like Christm… the class pet expansion as five new pets were added to the PTR.

Class pets

  • Monk – Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu (matching Ban-lu, Grandmaster’s Companion) see video
  • Rogue – Crackers (quest reward after increasing your artifact knowledge)
  • DK – Blood Whelping, Frost Whelpling, Unholy Whelpling


Each pet costs 10,000 Order Hall Resources, in addition to ranking each artifact weapon (up to 43) for DKs. Monks on the other hand, can purchase their cub after earning Power Ascended.

Note: you will need to earn your class mounts before you can even see them on the vendor.


  • Scraps – Curious Wyrmtongue Cache from the Broken Shore

Secret Pet

Sun Darter Hatchling – requires you to solve a number of riddles enabling you to pass through a number of barriers inside a cave. Twelve items are needed – most can be bought from the AH or made by players. (see video)

Pet Battle Dungeon

The highly anticipated Wailing Caverns Pet Battle Dungeon is coming.

  • Cavern Moccasin, Everliving Spore, Young Venomfang – Bag of Damp Pet Supplies

Check out the video for my entire run-through on challenge mode.

SonSkum Class Pets & the Sun Darter Hatchling

World Event

  • Orphaned Felbat – Legionfall Chest
  • Noblegarden Bunny – 100 chocolates
  • Igneous Flameling – 350 Midsummer Flowers
  • Infinite Hatchling, Paradox Spirit – 2,200 Time coins

I’m not crazy about levelling more toons but I’d love to know what the priest pet will be. Are you looking forward to these additions?