The Eastern Kingdoms Cup is a two-week event between October 4–17. With fourteen races spread across the Eastern Kingdoms, dragonriders will have a skyful of options for challenging courses in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations. Head to Valdrakken and speak to Lord Andestrasz near the Rostrum of Transformation to pick up the initial quest.

  • Blasted Lands Bolt (Blasted Lands)
  • Ironforge Interceptor (Dun Morogh)
  • Booty Bay Blast (Booty Bay)
  • Krazzworks Klash (Twilight Highlands)
  • Deadwind Derby (Deadwind Pass)
  • Loch Modan Loop (Loch Modan)
  • Elwynn Forest Flash (Elwynn Forest)
  • Plaguelands Plunge (Eastern Plaguelands)
  • Fuselight Night Flight (The Badlands)
  • Redridge Rally (Redridge Mountains)
  • Gilneas Gambit (Gilneas)
  • Redridge Rally (Redridge Mountains)
  • Gurubashi Gala (Stranglethorn Vale)
  • Twilight Terror (Twilight Highlands)

Completing each race on all difficulties will give you several achievements, more currency to purchase new dragon customizations and another opportunity to purchase the Drake Racer’s transmog set introduced during the Kalimdor Cup.

Dragonracing Currency

Earn 10x Riders of Azeroth badges just by completing the introductory quest for the event. Then earn a further 3 badges from each version (normal, advanced, reverse) and rating (bronze, silver, gold) for a maximum of 9 badges from each race.  This currency can be exchanged for unique items and rewards from Maztha in Valdrakken or Dathendrash in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

Brand New Dragon Customizations:
Winding Slitherdrake: Yellow Scales – 50 Riders of Azeroth Badges
Winding Slitherdrake: Paired Horns – 25 Riders of Azeroth Badges
Winding Slitherdrake: Horned Brow – 25 Riders of Azeroth Badges
Winding Slitherdrake: Shark Finned Tail – 25 Riders of Azeroth Badges

I wasn’t that interested in more dragon manuscripts so once I had enough for the Windborne Velocidrake: Teal Scales I didn’t get to purchase last time without having to race on another toon, I pretty much stopped there. However, I ended up recording a few extra tracks for the ones rated hard so they might help you out.

Eastern Kingdoms Cup Achievements

In general, I think these were easier than the Kalimdor Cup. By the time I had the Advanced races down, I found there wasn’t as much of a learning curve with the Reverse races.

The ones that took the most attempts were:

Plaguelands Plunge Advanced: Gold – was one of the higher precision tracks needing you to maintain a good speed from the start and not necessarily use Surge Forward too close to that sharp turn towards the start of the track. Pointing downward at the start helps. Didn’t really use Skyward Ascent unless I needed to pick up a bit of speed.

Ironforge Interceptor Advanced: GOLD – This was only my second race. Line of sight was a bit of an issue with this track. Also, the random PVP flagging was a little annoying, particularly around Ironforge and flying past Arathi Basin.

Twilight Terror Reverse: Gold – Once I learnt how to save enough vigour for the steep climb at the end and avoid the dangly bit around the chain gate, it wasn’t too bad.

Booty Bay Blast Advanced: GOLD – I needed a few attempts to smoothly go through that middle structure. Reverse was a bit easier by then.

Check out the playlist for all my advanced and reverse gold ratings.