There seems to be a lot of discussion about how fast you can acquire Darkmoon Tickets during an event, given that the Faire is only up the first week of every month. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing as I’d get sick of the dailies pretty quickly, like those Molten Front ones. Granted they took a lot longer to do, especially once you’d opened all the dailies but I think the Darkmoon Faire keeps its carnival feel when it’s only accessible at certain times of the year.

Darkmoon Faire Pet and Mount Vendor

Darkmoon Faire Pet and Mount Vendor

How many Darkmoon Tickets can you get from the dailies?

The maximum number of tickets is 145 each Darkmoon Faire or 245 if you’ve never completed the Faded Treasure Map (see video).

If you plan on buying the mounts first, you’ll be waiting some time since the cheapest ones are 180 tickets a pop.

Bashiok stated:
The design intent of the Darkmoon Faire is that it’s available for one week out of the month, and in that one week we expect you to be able to obtain a significant amount of tickets. …it would in fact only take 4 Darkmoon Faire weeks to complete an entire set. That’s of course still no quick task, and the intent is not for it to be. There are plenty of rewards that can be obtained in one or two weeks of the Darkmoon Faire, but we expect that an entire set will take a few events to obtain.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tickets Per Faire
Dungeon: 40
Heroic Dungeon: 15
Raid: 10
Tradeskill quests (primary): 8
Tradeskill quests (secondary): 12
BGs: 15
Kill Quest: 10
Mini Games*: 35

Total Tickets per faire: 145

* 5 mini games, available daily: 7*5=35

As an example, here are some options that you can choose over the course of two Darkmoon Faires (2 weeks over 2 months):

Prioritizing mounts/pets: 1 mount + 1 pet, with 20 tickets to spare
Prioritizing pets: 3 pets, 20 tickets to spare
Prioritizing cosmetic armor: 4 pieces of cosmetic armor, with 30 tickets to spare
Prioritizing heirloom armor: 1 piece of heirloom armor + 1 heirloom weapon, with 20 tickets to spare.

…we’re looking forward to incorporating more goodies to be won, and more activities to the faire, in the future.

Tip for getting extra Darkmoon Prize Tickets

If you time the dailies right, you can actually get an extra day in since the Faire starts around midnight while the dailies reset at 3am. You can technically do two sets of dailies on that first day. #winning

Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide

Pick one up from Selina Dourman, she’s located on the LHS at the entrance to the Darkmoon Faire. The item allows you to loot the following Darkmoon artifacts:

As long as you’re carrying the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide, you’ll be able to collect any and all artifacts. This is great news as you’ll be able to build up multiples, taking some of the grind out of the need to farm them all up that same week. I always store any extras in the Guild Bank for whoever needs them. You can only turn in one of each type per month. They are also tradeable so feel free to farm them on your alts, then trade them to your main, if needed, or just do a quick search on the AH.

darkmoon souvenirs1 Darkmoon Tickets


Chester sells vestments and oddities:

I’ll be sure to wear the set with my High Society Top Hat.

Toy Additions

Several older items can now be added to the Toy Box:

Don’t forget the balloon vendor walking up and down the strip.

At the end of the week, I had 125 tickets so it’s entirely possible to get 145 for the week. The only things I was missing were two of the artifacts for extra tickets.

So good luck with your ticket and artifact grind. May we all roll high in the dungeons, and loot fast in BGs :)