Moonfang is a world boss located on the western side of Darkmoon Island. To summon her, you need to kill the Moonfang Snarlers followed by Moonfang Dreadhowls as soon as they spawn in the area. Moonfang appears once the required number of wolves have been slaughtered.

Moonfang Abilities

What does Moonfang drop?

Moonfang drops a pet, two toys, a temporary mount (like other world events) and a pickup quest.

Shimmering Moonstone

Shimmering Moonstone – a ridable version only usable while the Faire is up.

Moon Moon drops from Moonfang

Moon Moon pet – see Moon Moon’s in action.

Moonfang’s Pelt – pickup quest rewards some gold and 10 Darkmoon tickets

It appears you can summon her every hour.