Jadefang is a rare shale spider that resides deep inside the underground caves of Deepholm. Getting to him requires some effort since he spawns high on a ledge, too high to access by foot.

Getting to him


You will need to wait until the daily Underground Economy pops up as a possible Theramore daily (unless you’re a goblin). It’s picked up from a goblin NPC named Ricket in the Crumbling Depths who gives you an item called Ricket’s Tickers – used to explode crystals around the caves.

To reach the upper ledge, use Ricket’s Tickers by blasting yourself up to the first ledge – where you normally rescue Pebble for the daily Lost In The Deeps (or just ride around if your prefer). Once you’re up on the first ledge, angle yourself with your back facing the second ledge, then blast yourself onto the upper ledge. It may take a couple of tries to position yourself correctly, but is relatively easy after some practice. The goblin racial can also work.


Hunter pet and Tiny Shale Spider

Sitting at the bottom of the ledge with beast tracking on may not give you the best result since the ledge is pretty deep. You can either ride/blast yourself up to the first ledge and angle yourself so you can see the back of the cave or ride around the first tunnel (taking the left fork) until you can see the back of the cave on your minimap. If he’s there, his dot will be easy to see.

Why is he popular?

  1. Classified as an exotic pet (for BM Hunters) and is the only green model in the game
  2. Guaranteed to drop the Tiny Shale Spider

Tiny Shale Spider

It was hard to decide whether I wanted to kill this rare or tame the pet on my hunter first. Ultimately, I decided to collect the non-combat pet first since I always focus on levelling my main.

All-in-all, if you’re after a funky looking exotic pet or cute little non-combat pet, the choice is yours.