Okay, sure there are cool mounts and transmog dropping from Island Expeditions but if you’re like me and in it mostly for the pets, you may just want a quick reference list too. As you’d expect, most island expedition pets drop from similar-looking mobs or share a common theme so a pirate monkey will drop from pirates, etc. Then again, you don’t want to completely ignore the normal-looking mobs going by the list below. Thankfully, friends gifting you pets and AH purchases will still count towards the achievement but if you’re a completionist like me, you’ll need to farm the non-cageable ones yourself.

Island Expedition Pets

Island Expedition Pets – Cageable

Barnaby – Pirates
Bloodstone Tunneler – Worm
Craghoof Kid – Goat (common)
Deathsting Scorpid – Scorpion
False Knucklebump – Gorilla
Inky – Naga
Juvenile Brineshell – Makrura/Crab
Kindleweb Spiderling – Kindleweb Spider
Littlehoof – Deer (common)
Muskflank Calfling – Yak (common)
Octopode Fry – Naga/Murloc
Sandshell Chitterer – Scarab
Scuttle – Crab, Sea Giants
Snapper – Turtle
Snort – Yak (common)
Sparkleshell Sandcrawler – Crab
Sunscale Hatchling – Wind Serpent (common)
Thistlebrush Bud – Sprite (common)
Tinder Pup – Fire Dog (common)
Voru’kar Leecher – Nerubian

Island Expedition Pets – Non-Cageable

Captain Nibs – Pirates
Coldlight Surfrunner – Murloc
Giggling Flame – Fire Elemental
Kunchong Hatchling – Mantid
Laughing Stonekin – Earth Elemental
Mischievous Zephyr – Air Elemental
Playful Frostkin – Water Elemental

Island Expedition Pets – Rare Drop

Poro battle pet

I’m not sure whether Poro drops from something specific or is just a really rare drop but since it’s based on the critically endangered Kākāpō – a nocturnal, flightless parrot in New Zealand, I actually hope it is.

I haven’t done a huge number of IE, just the minimum number to fill my Azerite bar each week. There have been a couple of pet drops though, a cool-looking sword and two Pirate hats so far – not to mention the usual rep items and dubloons. How about you?