Takk the Leaper is not a new rare but his behaviour has certainly changed since vanilla. He used to have a few spawn spots in Northern Barrens as well as dropping the Leaping Hatchling pet.

Several weeks ago I was doing the auto flight from Org and as I was passing his familiar spawn spot close to the Sludge Fen when I saw something leap quickly past my screen. My initial response was “What the hell was that?” It didn’t take long to realise that it was Takk.

In Cata, he now leaps vast distances making him live up to his name. You can find him jumping up and down the mountain every 10secs or so.

Takk run Takk the Leaper

Takk making a run for it

Takk runaway Takk the Leaper

Run away little… Takk

Takk leaphill Takk the Leaper

Running Leap

Takk leap Takk the Leaper

Just look at him go

It’s hard to capture just how awesome this guy is now with his new animation.

If you’re after the Leaping Hatchling pet, you’ll have to loot it from his nest found in four locations. I found mine at the base of the large tree close to Sludge Fen. Note that his nest spawns independently of Takk himself.

Takks nest Takk the Leaper

Takk’s nest

His unique animation has him periodically leaping to where you’re standing.

Leaping Hatching Takk the Leaper

My trusty companion

Leaping Hatching pet Takk the Leaper

Leaping Hatching pet