I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. Along the same theme of my What’s in a number post from a couple of months ago. Going through my reader this morning, I saw a post from Tome which prompted me to finally write it. It only occurred to me this minute though that we had the same idea as a post title. Hope you don’t mind Ancient… I admit I’ve referred to TotA three different ways in the past, as just illustrated but it’s ok, she says she responds to all three :P

Since I created the character Cymre during BC, I’ve had so many variations in my name I’ve lost count. Some are mispronunciations, misspellings and original spellings of my toon over the various expansions and reincarnations. The most popular ones that come to mind though are:

  • Cymry – the original name on my human Priest during Vanilla
  • Çymry – a slight variation on the spelling when I first made my Blood Elf
  • Cymre – the name I changed to after I was told by a GM I couldn’t use the funky C anymore – back in BC

Now for the more common naming misdemeanours.

  • Cyrme – found on various blogs and blogrolls
  • Cryme – as in Cry me a river perhaps? That’s what I think of anyway…
  • Cy – a nickname from various people in Guild chat, mumble and the like
  • Smear – at least that’s how they pronounced it in Vent at the time. Sounds a bit rude IMO. They told me their superior officer had that pronunciation coming from a military background.
  • Even Hydra had trouble pronouncing my name the first time it was mentioned on the Twisted Nether Blogcast

These ones are more of a nickname than anything else:

  • Simmer / Slimmer
  • Cym Cym
  • Tallys – all from various old guildies back in vanilla.

So there you have it.

There have been many variations to the toon name I refer to as my main. But these days, I’m most often referred to as Cym.

I will say a few of you are still guilty of this from what I’ve seen recently. Some I will go ahead and ask people to change – more likely when a broken link is involved… you know who you are :P

But usually, I’ll just let it slide, unless it keeps happening, right Mab? LOL

Anyway, signing off for now,


Oh and if you still haven’t done so, please change your blogrolls, etc to my new address at: http://www.cymre.com. There is a redirect happening on the old blog address at the moment (bubblesofmischief.wordpress.com) so if your old link still works, that’s why. However, once the year is up, it will revert back to the old free version.