Ah, the Darkmoon Rabbit. A foe I’ve encountered several times but managed to kill twice. My first raid on the beta was… interesting to say the least. When he went live, I didn’t expect to win the pet on my first try but was happy to get the achievement.

Now just look at that face…

Rabid rabbit

I happened to die twice during the encounter but was fortunate enough to get a battle rez after the first death – maybe because I was the top healer at the time. The guy who won rolled an 80. I sure hope he uses him well since I saw the rabbit on Alliance side for 300K the other day. Times like that I wish I had gold over there but not for that price.

Darkmoon - raid two

Later on, I was Pet Battling in the Valley when I saw in general: Chief Salyis yells “Loot and pillage, bwahahaha!” so I went to get a closer look. I thought he would be engaged already with one side or the other but it seems to be the zone-wide alert when he spawns.

I decided to hang around a minute to see what happened. Sure enough, there was a raid forming so I joined. Someone said he only spawns every three days so I felt really lucky to see him. In fact, this is only the second time I’ve seen him on live servers.

Even with a group of Alliance trying to flag people, we managed to kill it without much trouble. I was really happy to win the Robes of Blue Skies and thought I may as well use my extra roll too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I also won the Stomphowl Pendant.

Robes of Blue Skies

It’s a little funny that the day I finally decided to mog my set (since setting foot in Pandaria), ended up being the shortest mog ever.

The evening ended with a wave from Veluxia, a fellow pet battler I see often – more often than not with her inner focus going – although I only see the glowy balls during a tamer battle. I did accidentally do the same thing the other day coming out of a dungeon though :P I even gave a 30min tutorial to someone about Pet Battling, when he started asking me questions about it, part of my #26Acts perhaps?

Plus, I’m happy to say that Rookie Pet Mob is now complete! Now if Jeremy would part with his Darkmoon Eye already…