So you want to try pet battling, huh? Don’t worry. This first set of battlers is easy peasy with each faction offering their own set of challenges. Each quest rewards you with a Sack of Pet Supplies which contains an assortment of pet-themed items.

Pet Tamer Locations (Horde) – Account-wide quests

For Horde, the first challenger is a short distance from the gates of Orgrimmar.

Zunta Battling Your First Pet Tamers
Location – a farm, just south of Orgrimmar
Level 2 Pets – Spike (Beast) and Mumtar (Critter)

Dagra the Fierce Battling Your First Pet Tamers
Dagra the Fierce
Location – On a hill near The Crossroads
Level 3 Pets – Longneck (Beast) and Springtail (Critter) and Ripper (Beast)

Analynn Battling Your First Pet Tamers
Location – west side of Ashenvale, between Maestra’s Post and Zoram Strand
Level 5 Pets – Mister Pinch (Aquatic), Oozer (Critter) and Flutterby (Flying)

Zonya the Sadist Battling Your First Pet Tamers
Zonya the Sadist
Location – Stonetalon Mountains – near the spider area
Level 7 Pets – Acidous (Beast) and Odoron (Critter) and Constrictor (Beast)

Merda Stronghoof Battling Your First Pet Tamers
Merda Stronghoof
Location – Cenarian Wildlands in Desolace
Level 9 Pets – Ambershell (Elemental), Bounder (Aquatic) and Rocktide (Critter)

Cassandra Kaboom Battling Your First Pet Tamers
Cassandra Kaboom
Location – Southern Barrens – North of Razorfen Kraul, next to Fazzlecraz Motherlode
Level 13 Pets – Gizmo, Cluckatron and Whirls (3x Mechanicals)

Pet Tamer Locations (Alliance) – Account-wide quests

Julia Stevens
Julia Stevens
Location – Maclure Vineyards, south of Stormwind
Level 2 Pets – Slither and Fangs (2x Beasts)

Old MacDonald
Old MacDonald
Location – by the old cart coming into Westfall
Level 3 Pets – Teensey (Critter), Foe Reaper 800 (Mechanical) and Clucks (Flying)

Location – by the bridge at Camp Everstill, Redridge Mountains (33.3, 52.6)
Level 5 Pets – Flipsy, Flufftail and Dipsy (3x Critters)

Eric Davidson
Eric Davidson
Location – Middle of Raven Hill Cemetery
Level 7 Pets – Webwinder, Blackfang and Darkwidow (3x Beasts)

Steven Lisbane
Steven Lisbane
Location – just off the road btwn 2 bridges in Northern Stranglethorn (46.0, 40.3)
Level 9 Pets – Emeralda (Magic),  Nanners (Beast) and Moonstalker (Beast)

Bill Buckler
Bill Buckler
Location – Under some palm trees in Wild Shore, Cape of Stranglethorn (51.3, 73.2)
Level 11 Elite Pets – Burgle (Humanoid), Young Beaker (Flying) and Eyegouger (Flying)

Completing this questline opens up the next set of account-wide quests for both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.