Welcome to my 8.2 legendary pet battle guide needed for the Nautical Nuisances of Nazjatar achievement. With that in mind, I’m assuming you already have rare and max-level pets for the highest chance of success. Breeds will be listed below if a pet comes in multiple breeds.

The first time you defeat one of the Legendaries, you’ll receive an item which can be turned in for 250 Waveblade Ankoan (A) or The Unshackled (H) reputation. With twelve pets in total, these give you a nice bump in rep if you do these with your other Nazjatar world quests.

As always, my strategies can be accessed by clicking on any of the names below. Rematch strings to these and other challenges are available on Patreon.


I don’t use many mods but these are my must-have addons for pet battling.

  • Rematch – An enhanced pet battle journal including the ability to save teams and filter pets
  • Battle Pet Breed ID – Shows breeds of all pets

Nazjatar Pet Battle Locations

Nazjatar Legendary Pets Map

Nautical Nuisances of Nazjatar

Defeat the following deep sea terrors of Nazjatar.


Chomp pet battle
Location: 71.97 51.19
Team: G0-R41-0N Ultratonk (H/P), Pocket Cannon, not used

Prince Wiggletail

Prince Wiggletail
Cave Entrance – 36.87. 27.75
Team: Seaborne Spore, Crimson Spore, Stitched Pup


Silence pet battle
Location: 58.40 48.29
Team: Nexus Whelpling (P/B), Chrominius, Dream Whelpling (P/B)

Shadowspike Lurker

Shadowspike Lurker
Location: 42.33 14.39
Team: Effervescent Glowfly (P/B), Axebeak Hatchling (H/B), not used

Pearlhusk Crawler

Pearlhusk Crawler
Cave Entrance – 49.46. 50.47
Team: Gulp Froglet (B/B), Darkmoon Zeppelin, Amber Moth (P/S)

Elderspawn of Nalaada

ElderspawnOfNalaada Nautical Nuisances of Nazjatar
Location: 51.29. 74.83
Team: Ancona Chicken (P/B), Francois, Coastal Sandpiper (P/S)

Ravenous Scalespawn

Ravenous Scalespawn
Location: 29.8. 48.53
Team: Draenei Micro Defender, Blighted Squirrel (P/B), Jade Owl (P/S)


Location: 56.22. 11.02
Team: Yula, Crimson Spore (not used)

Yu’la is one of the pet rewards from the Celestial Tournament – see playlist


Location: 47.17. 27.01
Team: Gahz’rooki, Pocket Cannon, Squirky

Frenzied Knifefang

Frenzied Knifefang
The Frenzied Knifefang is now located in the Coldlight Cavern (61, 22). The same location as one of the Arcane Pylons for the Trove Tracker achievement. (Cave Entrance – 61.41. 19.82)
Team: Crimson Spore, Draenei Micro Defender, levelling pet

Giant Opaline Conch

Giant Opaline Conch
Location: 28.47. 28.23
Team: Yu’la, Crimson Spore, Draenei Micro Defender


Location: 37.97. 16.57
Team: Tinytron, not used