When I first started Pet Brawling, I focused on getting the easy ones out of the way and I must admit it was pretty easy since the  variety of pets you encountered was fairly limited back then. But after completing the heal one and Pet Brawler towards the end of last year, I thought I was done with it until they introduced a new achievement and pet reward. I really wasn’t looking forward to grinding out 250 wins, especially with the huge number of variations in teams these days but then pet treats were added so I started doing the weekly quest.

A week ago I was sitting at 197 wins for Brutal Pet Brawler with a lead on Master Pet Brawler from earlier achievements so I’ve been thinking more and more about getting those done. It also helped break up the monotony between rare camping sessions so tonight I decided to focus on just that. I even had a rather surprising winning streak which kept me motivated.

Stunted Direhorn


Now to level him up tomorrow.

Oh geez, there’s also Grand Master Pet Brawler and Legendary Pet Brawler… mmm… no thanks!