Holy Crap! I just one-shot Aki the Chosen earning me Taming the World, Time to Open a Pet StoreTaming Pandaria and Taming Azeroth achievements.

I was looking forward to trying her today after the servers came back up but was not expecting to win right off the bat. It seems my Flayer Hatchling (25), Small Frog (25) and Dark Phoenix Hatchling (25) worked out very nicely. In fact, my ravager’s reflection ability was perfect against Stormlash.

Taming Pandaria

The second time around (after she converts to a daily), I managed to win again – even with a different starting combo.

Jade Tentacle

Due to a bug, I’ve had Taming Eastern Kingdoms done for a couple of weeks now but the achievement hasn’t registered.

I also have a few missing pets from Eastern Kingdoms Safari so I went looking for some Larva to add to my collection but they are about as rare as the minfernal and baby ape it seems. I read they get killed quite a lot by other mobs in Ghostlands so here I am waiting for one to spawn.

Tamer Cymre

I may just go to Naxx to get one and be done with it.

Edit: I managed to find one as part of a team I was fighting. Grey but still counts.