With the introduction of Pet Battles, there’s been a whole new wave of excitement throughout the player base including serious raiders which I didn’t expect to see. Perhaps I’m regressing back to my childhood a little since Pokémon came out a long time after my DS Game & Watches and the like. In fact, my nephews were big Pokémon players with their Gameboys for a while.

But in playing this new mini-game in WoW, I’ve been thinking… is pet battling the new contact sport? I mean, who said pet battles weren’t hazardous to your health and I’m not even on a PVP server… although it would certainly be a lot more detrimental if you weren’t max-level or supremely geared.

Sure you’ll get the odd “Pet battle area is obstructed” message but what about these scenarios?

Fel Flame battle
Deepholm battle

So the next time you’re in search of that elusive spawn or rare, take care out there!

Tip of the Day: If you’re having trouble targeting a battle pet in the wild due to being underground, in a tree or similar, just /tar [insert name here] and keybind something to ‘Interact with target’ under the game menu. You’ll thank me later :)

This also works for NPCs who are underneath a whole group of PVP’ed players (cough Moonglade)