Snowy OwlThanks to a tweet from WarcraftPets today, I logged onto my rogue and flew to Winterspring for one reason only – the Snowy Owl. I figured since it’s Winter on Khadgar, I’m good to get a seasonal owl for my collection. So when I flew into the area with my paid flight, I was excited to see a lot of them below me, noting the spots of where I saw them. However, when I landed and mounted over there, they were nowhere to be seen. At first, I thought, some lucky bugger had captured them all in the minute it took to ground mount it over there. So I rode around the entire zone trying to find a wild one. (It’s always sad when you realise you have no Gold on your old server to buy flying…) By the time I reached the middle of the zone, I did a search for who else was in the area, it was just me. It seems the server I was on when I took the flight in Org was different from the one when I landed. Urg!

The server said it was 9.20pm so I figured it may just be a nocturnal spawn since others had written that it’s not dependant on a snowstorm. So I logged in again 20mins before midnight on the server and had a brief look around. Nothing. I waited until 1min til midnight before I started riding around again. Sure enough, I found one and captured it without much effort.

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

I thought it was a bit funny when someone wrote that they managed to get one on my main server which is odd considering Dath’remar is an Oceanic server on an East Coast time zone but the server itself still follows US time zones.

Just to confirm, I found one on Dath at ~6.30pm so they appear to be sporadic.

So if you’re after one for your collection, now’s the time to get it :)

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