Patch 7.3 is set to be huge! Not just for pets, but new legendary battles and another set of achievements. Check out all 40+ pets below.


Pets on Mac’Aree will be time-locked behind a week of questing.

argusheader Pet Scaling and Argus Additions

Antoran Wastes

Antoran Bile Larva
Antoran Bilescourage


Arcane Gorger
Felcrazed Wyrm
Pygmy Marsuul
Skyfin Juvenile
Void Shardling
Voidstalker Runt
Warpstalker Runt


Bile Larva
Bile Scourge
Flickering Argunite

Quest reward

Cross Gazer – A Pile of Intact Demon Eyes (Antoran Wastes)


Docile Skyfun – Fel-Spotted Egg
Fel-Afflicted Skyfun – Fel-Spotted Egg
Grasping Manifestation – Ataxon
Rebellious Imp – Mother Rosula
Uuna – The Many-Faced Devourer


Felclaw MarsuulFamily Fighter


Fel Lasher – Herbalist
Fossorial Bile Larva – Skinner


Ghost Shark – Ilyssia (Good Friend) costs 50 Fragmented Enchantment
Orphaned Marsuul – Argussian Reach (Honoured) – Toraan the Revered costs 500G

Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm

The latest edition adds 16 new pets to collect – see post.

World Event

Globe Yeti – Feast of Winter Veil (see video)
Naxxy – Hallow’s End – 150 Tricky Treats


Twilight – changes colour like the Enchanted Fey Dragon and matches the Luminous Starseeker mount.

Blizz is also trying something new in Patch 7.3. If you battle Crysa or Environeer Bert with low-level pets, the encounter will scale down to match your highest-level pet. Pretty cool, right?