Last night, I was short a few pets for Pro Pet Crew as I was particularly interested in the Pristine Trap reward. But in all my attempts to get a rare Gilded Moth, this proved a lot more time-consuming than I expected. Although it did allow me to level up the last four pets I needed for the achievement.

So if you’re short a rare Gilded Moth like I was, you can try a few different things. I focused on the ones that had groups of three or four like the civets. Eventually a group of moths will spawn which is half the battle. The trick is to get rid of two of the moths through battling/fleeing and then place a raid target on the third since you’ll generally get the three with the same qualities and team makeups.

Quite often the moths will spawn high up in the cliffs and may even fly inside the mountain so in those cases it may be worth using a keybinding to ‘interact with target’. Also, if you normally use ‘click to move’, turn it off for this so you don’t fall off the cliff while starting a battle.

Before long, the other two moths will spawn again with different stats/qualities. It may be some time before you see a rare though so be prepared to be there a while. Going between three groups of moths (later two because an Alliance player came and battled the remaining moth I had marked), I didn’t get the rare before I headed to bed last night but it was one of the first things I did today with the second set of respawns showing me the rare I was after. Luckily I could just stay with the one group of moths on the cliff around the Golden Pagoda.

One more battle was all it took to get me the achievement.



The capture chance is improved by another 5% compared to the Strong Trap.

Now to work on getting Pro Pet Mob. =/