Uh oh, I think I have a new addiction, although taming rares is nothing new for my hunter. You’d only have to look through my stable to see this. Sadly, in order to do what I ended up doing last night, I had to abandon two of my rares to make room for my new additions – starting with Stompy. I kind of skipped half of Krasarang this time round opting to go and do a few quests in the Summit where I knew Stompy would be.

I figured that I may as well do a couple of the quests on the peak and even had an opportunity to kill that bug rare. I can’t believe how painless it was. Killing those champions on my hunter is easy peasy, I didn’t even have to move! Geez, Glorious achievement? Here I come… not that I’m really working on it for this toon but any I run across…

Stompy hunter track

So I picked up his trail around Shado-Pan Monastery but his prints seemed to go in circles. Kind of funny really but I eventually picked up his trail after reaching the end of his route where his prints turn around. I knew I was close around the path leading up to Seeker’s Folly.

Stompy hunter's mark

Another backward leading track – how unusual, once again Euphy’s video was a real help.

Hmm, I feel like looking for another one… or two :P

Stay tuned for my next two posts :)