After taming Stompy, I decided to see if I could track Glimmer in the Jade Forest. I think the Water Striders are quite amusing creatures including the special animation of The Anglers mount :P

Glimmer hunter pet track

Finding his track wasn’t too hard. I managed to locate a set of three or so prints towards the end of his path (around Camp Gormal) but didn’t manage to locate him. So I watched Euphy’s pathing video in an attempt to pick up his trail again. It took a while but I managed to find some more tracks almost at the other end of the path. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t pick him up in my flare.

One of the hints on Wowhead suggested waiting by the river and then shooting your flare continuously since he’s bound to run through it eventually. I didn’t want to do this because when he crosses the river towards Fox Grove, he phases out until he walks back up through the Arboretum.

He also seemed to walk quicker than the other trackable tames so by the time I thought I might have caught up with him toward the river, I figured I’d wait by the huge tree trunk outside the Temple of the Jade Serpent wall (where he phases back in) and waited. Sure enough, he did just that and I tamed him with little effort.

Glimmer hunter pet tame

Glimmer also has some backward leading tracks but doesn’t aggro when you begin the taming process.

I must say that his water walking ability is pretty handy too :)