Raiding with Leashes is one of the most exciting additions to Patch 5.1 which includes 12 new pet drops from old raid bosses. Collecting the set will reward you with the Raiding with Leashes achievement and highly sought Mr. Bigglesworth pet.

Blackwing Lair

Untamed Hatchling

Untamed Hatchling drops from Razorgore the Untamed

Death Talon Whelpguard Raiding with Leashes

Death Talon Whelpguard drops from Broodlord Lashlayer


Chrominius drops from Chromaggus

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Mini Mindslayer drops from The Prophet Skeram

ViscidusPet Raiding with Leashes

Viscidus Globule drops from Viscidus

Anubisath Idol

Anubisath Idol drops from Emperor Vek’lor

Molten Core

CorefireImp Raiding with Leashes

Corefire Imp drops from Magmadar

HarbingerofFlame Raiding with Leashes

Harbinger of Flame: Humanoid – Sulfuron Harbinger

Ashstone Core

Ashtone Core – Golemagg the Incinerator


FungalAbomination Raiding with Leashes

Fungal Abomination drops from Loatheb

Stitched Pup Raiding with Leashes

Stitched Pup drops from Gluth

Giant Bone Spider Raiding with Leashes

Giant Bone Spider drops from Maexxna


Collecting all 12 rewards Mr. Bigglesworth, who is based on the cat from the Austin Powers movie. Dr. Evil’s cat, Bigglesworth was frozen with Dr. Evil which caused his fur to fall off.

Mr. Bigglesworth with female Blood Elf

Upon exiting the freezing necropolis of Naxxramas, Mr. Bigglesworth promptly found a warm spot in the sun to take a long nap in.