Look what arrived in the mail today, my brand-spankin’ new Safari Hat from Taming the World. The third achievement in the series follows Taming the Wild and Taming the Great Outdoors. These quests are account-bound and won’t take long if you have access to all the continents. If you’re stuck on 39/40, try battling the first tamer for the opposite faction.

For Horde, that would be Zunta, The Pet Tamer, located west of the road leading out of Orgrimmar (close to Thunder Ridge) or Julia, the Pet Tamer at the Maclure Vineyards in Elwynn Forest.


43.8 28.8

Julia Stevens

41.6, 83.6

The hat is bound to your Battle.net account, so you’ll be able to use it on any toon under that account.

Safari Hat icon

The hat comes with a letter from Breanni:

I can’t believe it. You are really taking these tamers out!

I have been watching your progress and its amazing! you are just taking out tamer after tamer. I figured this hat might be useful to you on your quest to the final Zen Master in Pandaria.

Keep up the good work!

Here are some of the most recent additions over the last couple of days.

So far, I’ve named quite a few of my pets after bloggers and Twitter people. You may even find one named after you!

Here’s to levelling up the rest of my pets :)