I was excited to get the last three wild pets I needed from the 5.1 push. The hardest by far were these last four.

Arcane Eye

I found this one just outside Karazhan although it did take a couple of trips to Deadwind Pass to find just one spawn.

Fluxfire Feline

Next came several trips to the Toxic Airfield, just outside Gnomeregan on several toons and servers. I had read that they could spawn inside the gnome starting area but the day after the patch, there were no battle pets at all. By chance, I spotted this one right by the sludge pools with three other people roaming the area.

Infinite Whelpling

This morning I found an Infinite Whelpling at the Caverns of Time entrance (where Occulus the Corrupted spawns). He looks like a miniature version of the rare.

Anodized Robo Cub

I was especially relieved to find this little guy on the hill behind Everlook. All the mechanicals look great, don’t you think?

If you’ve been wondering about the inability to drop the pet tamer daily (because your quest log is full), it’s an intended change:

In other news, I managed to get my first Flawless Beast Battle-Stone but haven’t decided who to use it on. The Pandaren Spirit Tamer dailies are currently bugged right now meaning you can only do them once and that’s it. Blizzard has stated that they’re looking into the issue.

I also managed to get THREE of the classic raid pet drops with Coolidge’s help. <3

Oh, and I finally cracked the 15K mark on my achievements. :D