If you’re looking for something a bit different, head west of Rikkitun Village and get ready to get wet. Swim out a short distance until you reach Gokk’lok’s Grotto in the Dread Wastes. Once there, you’ll get an underwater breathing buff called Enchanted Essence as long as you remain in the area.


Gokk’lok is a huge neutral 91 elite clam with 16.3M Health. Just like the other neutral elite mobs in Pandaria, you will receive a fun, unique item once killed but while others only give you several charges – this one does not.

Throughout the fight, a variety of adds will spawn to help protect Gokk’lok (Spindlegrin Remora, Elder Spindlegrin, Seacarp, Overgrown Seacarp, Colossal Seacarp). Most of these will be normal mobs, however, expect to fight some elite ones too.

When Gokk’lok dies, a quest will pop up – Promises of Gold.


As soon as the creature died, a strange group of sprites appeared and took its pearl away.

The sprites have a village nearby, called Rikkitun Village. Perhaps you should investigate.

Completing the quest rewards you with Gokk’lok’s Shell.

As you can see, you’ll appear in your underwear standing inside a clam with a repetitive bashful emote for the 2min duration (provided you don’t move). Hmm, seems your weapon can still be seen though…

You can also fish while under the illusion so pick out a nice spot and relax for a while.

On a side note, I finally managed to get the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm yesterday. It seems Christmas Day had something special for me after all – I’ve been trying to collect this item since Mists went live.