Over the last few months, I’ve discovered several references to Ren Yun including his walking cane – one of the common items in Pandaren Archaeology. Finding a pristine version will allow you to display it in the Seat of Knowledge.

Walking Cane of Ren Yun

A long cane tipped with a head of carved whalebone, once used by the enigmatic Brewfather, Ren Yun. Blind since birth, Ren Yun’s other senses were heightened. As a result, he found the brews of his time to be harsh or bitter. Years of experimentation allowed him to perfect four perfect brews that appealed to each of his other senses. And yet, the “one brew” that would appeal to all four senses at the same time eluded him. It was only at the end of his long life that he perfected the one master recipe, “The Four Senses Brew”, that was the most magnificent discovery of his generation. Sadly the recipe was lost to time, because Ren Yun’s handwriting was pretty much illegible.

If you make your way up to the top of Mount Neverest in Kun-Lai Summit, you may find two more:

Tablet of Ren-Yun

Neverest Pinnacle

Father of the individual sensory beers and the Four Senses Brew

Ren Yun, his other senses heightened by his blindness, suffered for years with what he considered to be the harsh taste of normal Pandaren brews. After years of wandering and experimentation he developed separate brews that delighted each of his four senses but, though he had perfected these individual beers, the combination of the separate elements into one perfect unifying brew eluded him. For a lifetime more he wandered on until he found, at last, the secret to bind all of his sensory beers into one master recipe, the Four Senses Brew.

It’s quite a trek to reach the pinnacle without flying but it’s worth the effort if you’re questing in the area or just feeling lucky for the tablet.

The recipe ended up sitting in my bag for a few weeks due to the Way of the Brew requirement but having nothing left to do for The Tillers, I gathered all the ingredients to produce one special brew. Note that three of the ingredients require Ironpaw Tokens, which I’ve been collecting from Nomi every day.

Four Senses Brew

Adds a red blindfold illusion

For a 5min buff, it’s a pretty expensive novelty item so I don’t see myself making too many of these unless I’m swimming in Ironpaw Tokens and Leeks.