My what a busy week in Pet Battles. After my Pet Pro Crew and Rookie Pet Mob achievements, I’ve decided to go back and upgrade some of the poor-quality pets in my journal. The other day I managed to upgrade two with a rare Stunted Yeti and Spotted Bell Frog.

Then while battling some lizards in Thousand Needles, I did come across something rather peculiar. Notice the main pet in view there? At first, I was excited as the lizard was an upgrade to the one I had but the Ancona Chicken was an odd choice for a secondary pet. It’s another one of those buggy pets which shouldn’t be included since they’re not able to be captured.


Dangling carrotTo confirm this, I battled a few more pets in the vicinity until I came across another one. As expected, the chicken was a tease but would have been a nice upgrade to the level 1 I had in my journal already having bought him during vanilla in the Shimmering Flats.

For those who don’t have an Ancona Chicken yet, you can still buy one from the vendor below. You might just need to chase him down first :P Okay, there are two easier ways to talk to him. He’s a lot ‘pluckier’ than the rabbit girl in the Alliance starting zone but you can either emote /chicken at him or kill the caster that polymorphed him.

Just head to the ridge between Thousand Needles and Tanaris (just past the camp of pirates and ships) until you spot these blue runes.

One of my pet highlights for the week came from Matty while doing my usual round of Pet Battle Tamers. Note her name has been garbled to protect her identity.

Pet Master Yoda

Sometimes I feel like a Pet Yoda but it’s such a nice compliment to be asked my advice about something I’ve been doing since April. Wow, has it almost been a year already?

All I can say is bring on 5.2. Oh and Jeremy, I’ll be seeing you next month – you can bet your Darkmoon Eye on that!