With all the bugs and testing for pet battles lately, I’ve found what started as a bit of extracurricular fun has turned into something more. Yesterday, I was talking about how difficult the Twilight Fiendling was to capture. What I didn’t mention were the several close calls I had that day.

Twilight Fiendling on the beta

One close encounter left my final pet almost dead and the second backline pet almost dead as well. Even though I’d won the match, my pet died from dots as I was coming out of the battle so my captured Twilight Fiendling was lost. Shortly after that, there was another close match but my last pet died before I could get that last hit off. This went on for a while…

That’s when I start to feel aggressive or maybe just frustrated. Kind of like that scene at the end of Karate Kid 2 where the other Sensei commands Johnny to “Finish Him” just before Daniel crane kicks him in the head? I find myself muttering the same thing to my active pet when it’s a particularly tough match or a pet I really want.

I might even do a little fist pump to celebrate my successful capture :P

The recent mini patch did some wacky things to pet battles, even though some things are fixed like higher pets being weakened by 2 levels on capture and some daily quests are working again, I finally managed to get that worg pet from Howling Fjord. I even went to Stranglethorn to see if any baby apes had spawned and they finally had but having 3 pets ranging from 19-20 against a parrot who was only 9 proved difficult as my pets seemed to do no damage after a while. To make matters worse, my 15 consecutive attempts did not result in a successful capture but this same level 9 ended up finishing my 3 pets off. PFFFT!!! Something is obviously very wrong there but you only have to read the forums to see a lot of people having similar problems.

Oh well, this is beta so wacky bugs are to be expected.