A while ago, I was doing Terrace LFR and saw this frigging huge grub in the raid. A bit later, while checking out the AH, I saw another one. I’d asked both hunters where they came from but I didn’t get an answer. The guy in the AH was AFK though. The first time I saw this pet was on Kalliope’s blog. Sometime later, I saw Euphy’s post about the green version from Silithus which Tome and Matty had both tamed.

Last night, I finally logged onto my hunter to tame this colourful beast. All you need to do is head to the Dread Wastes and attack one of the infected wildlife. You may recall the daily where you need to do this but the daily isn’t required to get the Amber Parasite to spawn. In my case, I had to get the moth’s health very low before anything happened.

Be aware you’ll need to spec into BM due to their exotic nature and will need to tame this guy before 5.2 hits as they’ll soon be untameable.

Will you be adding one to your stable or did you already have one?