After fishing up the Red Carp yesterday, I was all set to try and collect the last one I needed for the set. Previous attempts included a couple of spots in the Jade Forest and the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit but after reading up on the latest notes, and several mentions of the Shadow-Pan Monastery I gave that a shot. Others noted no fishing boosts but figured it couldn’t hurt. It happened to be the current Fish of the Day location so I settled myself down for a long session. I even had a pic taken with Salty El while I was there.

Over the next few hours, I decided to use the lures that had brought me luck in Townlong Steppes. I mean, a higher fishing skill couldn’t hurt, right? Especially in inland water where I wouldn’t have to rely on my bobber landing in a pool.

That is until you get a Large Pool of Tiger Gourami Slush. When the patch hit, I’d read you needed 100 casts to fish up the Krakkanon but after about 40 casts or so, he suddenly appeared. Then again, I did notice someone on the other side of the pool after I turned around but this was after the larger pool was there for a while.

I’d just applied another Heat-Treated Spinning Lure when the Krakkanon appeared in front of my face. Geez, Louise, he made me jump! I didn’t even get to finish my cast because his big hulking body was in the way. Thankfully he doesn’t aggro until attacked so of course, I ended up meleeing him while trying to click my bobber. ARG!


Well, what was I to do but DPS him… as Disc… with a fishing hat… and fishing pole on. Frankly, I couldn’t be bothered switching to my regular weapon and I was kind of curious about soloing him (unless someone ended up flying past and helping out).

After a few casts, I moved to one of the other icebergs so I wouldn’t get hit by his abilities and perhaps, more importantly, to get a better view. By the time I got him to 50%, it was 10mins later (way to waste 8mins on my lure Kraken) so I suspected it would take another 10mins to finish him off – which it did.

From my previous two kills, I knew he dropped a stack of fish and could also drop Nat’s Fishing Journal which is the one you can buy from Nat at revered. Well, I lucked out since it was the first time I’d seen the journal. Guess what my Alliance priest is getting in the mail?

In the end, it’s hard to tell how many casts it took (over so many fishing sessions) so I’m only going to count the number of lures I used. It worked out to be under an hour, right next to the Monastery in open water but actually took several hours over multiple days.

Tiny White Carp

Woot! The fishing objective is complete. Now to finish my rep grind with Nat himself.

By the way, if you’d like to see all the locations, etc. that worked for me, you can check out my 5.2 Battle Pets post.