Stage 5 has officially opened on the Isle so I headed out to see what the new scenario was all about. As soon as I stepped in there, I recognised the door to the Swollen Vault where my excitement started to grow.


Gaining access to this part of the Isle would allow me to complete Platform Hero. In researching the achievement, I had read that there was a cheat but I do hope they hotfix this soon as the achievement is a lot of fun and easy to do once you follow the pattern.

I went Disc (just in case) and bubbled myself when I took some initial damage but that was a bad idea as I overshot the next tile :P If you fall, you’ll have to run past some of the motion-activated statues below (much like the ones in the Treasure scenario).

The sequence of ‘safe tiles’ didn’t change but I’ve read that it changes daily so it’s easy to follow the same sequence twice (+ one tile) to finish.

Platform Hero

Once that was out-of-the-way, Cool and I went looking for Molthor since he was last rare we needed for Champions of Lei Shen.

It appears that Molthor can appear in two different locations so we each staked out a spot but it only took a few minutes before he spawned right in front of me. This meant that my Isle of Thunder post was now complete.

Now to wait for a Nalak kill.