Considering how things were a year ago, there have been a few special moments which have really made my day – whether it be a random whisper, some advice about pet battles or an invitation. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some really wonderful people over the last twelve months, especially since it took a real effort to log in and play so to those individuals, thank you for making my days (and nights) that much brighter.

A couple of months ago, Navi whispered me about a gift she had bought for my birthday (albeit a couple of weeks prior) but added that she wanted to send it to me early. But Navi… sending it to me would mean that I would be looking at a package for two months, wondering what it was and then having to take it out before the mail expired so wouldn’t it be better if you held on to it instead? :P Although on the other hand, this also meant that I could enjoy the gift sooner which was also her intention. So not wanting to spoil any surprise she had for me, I left it in the mailbox for about a day since I knew it would likely be a pet, but which one?

It’s no surprise that I’ve been an avid collector for many years – even before it was its own mini-game (joining WarcraftPets back in 2008 when it became a more serious hobby) but there were several coveted additions I was missing. Unfortunately, some still rely on RNG cough rabbit and eye

So about two days later, I decided to collect the gift and hold it in my bag until my curiosity got the better of me. (What?)

OMG! A Tuskarr Kite!


I used to admire them in Northrend having spent so much time there so when I returned recently, I couldn’t help but take a pic.

So when I saw the kite in the mail, it took me a few seconds to retrieve and learn the pet as I just stared at the icon (quite stunned) but when I did, I summoned it immediately. What better time to see it in action, but at night (when not many people are around)? My way of keeping the gift a secret but still able to admire it from time-to-time.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve slowly worked on levelling my flyer so it’d be 25 by the time my birthday rolled around. This was achieved last Thursday, making it the second last flying pet in my arsenal.

Tuskarr Kite

On a recent pet trade, one individual even asked if I would be willing to trade my kite for something of theirs but little did they know it was one I would never part with – especially since it was a birthday gift that hadn’t officially happened yet.

Flying a kite with Navi

So thank you Navi for such a wonderful gift. I know I told you this already but I love it! <3

Oh and 16hrs until my egg hatches… right on schedule :)