Yesterday I completed the third quarter in the Throne of Thunder and was stunned when I saw the Son of Animus pop up on the screen. It wasn’t even an extra roll!!

So I took a screenshot of the event and went looking in my bag for the pet but it wasn’t there. SHIT! It did say Son of Animus, right? I was 100% sure so I went looking through my screenshot folder only to find no image of the kill shot. SHIT x2!

I’ve heard of things like this happening before with other items like the Pandaren Fishing Charm but GMs couldn’t be sure if you looted the item or not. That makes perfect sense so I was worried the same thing might happen to me, particularly since there was nothing in the chat to show for it but I decided to send in a game ticket anyway. The wait said 2.5hrs so I was going to hang around for a response before logging out. However the time didn’t change for over an hour so I decided to log out and wait for an email. Nothing came back last night so I was hopeful for a response today.

This morning I logged in to find a ticket response waiting for me. Whack a doodle! He had good news. Game Master Elebanifset described himself as a “beast when it comes to finding lost stuff” and he was right. After a bit of digging, he found my requested item which was waiting for me in the mail.

I’m so glad there was some sort of record of the loot as I didn’t see it in the chat after the kill. So a special thank you to the GM who helped me in this matter. Especially when the drop rate appears so low but it’s still early days so the drop rate should improve once more people upload their kill data.

Son of Animus
Son of Animus

Then to top off the run in Sunwell this week, guess what dropped again…

Thori'dal, the Star' Fury

One day, I’ll collect it on my hunter.

At least we helped someone get it once before. Sadly, neither of us could use it today.