It’s no surprise the first thing I did today was to go in search of the Unborn Val’kyr. I’ve loved the look of them ever since I first saw them in-game. The first time Hildana Deathstealer spawned, Cool and I were in the middle of our arena matches in Valhalas. I excitedly told Cool who managed to pull the rare while we were still killing one of the combatants for our quest.

Unborn Val'kyr with illusion

These days, holy priests can glyph the illusion but as a disc priest and pet enthusiast, this is even better!

I managed to find one at the third location of known spawn spots although Mumper did confirm that they could be caught anywhere in Northrend so it was important not to just focus on set spawn points.

Val’kyr are considered “unborn” until they vanquish a creature of high nobility.

When I spotted the little paw print in Sholazar Basin, another player was standing right next to it so I stayed where I was. After a few seconds, I realised they forfeit the match because she disappeared and reappeared within secs so I flew over to engage her with my pre-formed team.

Unborn Val'kyr nameplate

check out that nameplate :P

Within a minute, she was mine and I didn’t even have to bring my Turnip into play. Sadly, she was only poor quality but I had no qualms using my Flawless Battle-Stone which I just managed to get the night before.

Talk about great timing, as well as the Marked Flawless Battle-Stone you receive as a reward for The Longest Day.

Unborn Val'kyr rezzing a pet

Now did you know the Undead Val’kyr can rez the dead? Well, dead pets at least. It appears to be kind of random but I’ve seen her do this three times in a short amount of time. I first tried this on a single critter but it despawned before the Val’kyr could rez it so I went to an area with a group of penguins on one of those icebergs in Northrend. Before long, I saw her first resurrection.

Have you collected yours yet?