A while ago, I wanted to free up some room in my bags so I headed over to the Guild bank as part of my daily ritual. I was systematically going though all the armour pieces, working out which ones I wanted to keep for mogging purposes and which ones were safe to sell when I noticed that I could store a BoA item in there. At the time I thought it was odd but hey, it worked and saved me an extra spot in my bags so who was I to argue? Being a two person guild I assumed it would be safe since I placed it in my tailoring/enchanting and mogging tab.

Then along comes Coolidge… he was looking through the tabs and “as a joke” said he’d take my apron out to wear. At first I thought he was kidding when he asked “wait, why is it saying ‘you can’t store soulbound items in the Guild bank?'” By this stage, I still thought he was pulling my leg since it’s something he’s done on numerous occasions but a few seconds later I said “I hope you’re joking”. Apparently he wasn’t because he started panicking and asked how I was able to store the item in the Guild bank in the first place. To be honest I wasn’t sure but I just wanted to keep it there for safe-keeping until I needed it again. Now if I had room in my own bank I would have stored it there but then look at who you’re reading about. Considering the effort to get one in the first place – albeit twice (once on the beta) it wasn’t like he could grind one up and then give me his so he opened up a ticket before he logged for the night.

Now all we could do was wait…

This afternoon I logged in and noticed the chat which read ‘Coolidge has logged out’ which I thought odd since I didn’t think he was on. When I checked RealID, it said he hadn’t been on for a day. How weird but then it’s not the first time I’ve seen buggy things like that… remember the 43 year bug?

Then tonight Coolidge told me he received a response from a GM and even the GM was stumped about how this could happen. In fact, he was so perplexed he brought in a few other GMs who responded in varying degrees of confusion (among other things) :P

Hail and Well Met, I am Game Master Marconford *bows*

I’ve been going over the situation so far, and I am happy to say that after checking over this… and several mutters of “whuh?!”, and having my fellow Game Masters stare at our logs in disbelief (I almost got one’s head to explode ^_^ ). We were able to get the Apron returned back to your friend.

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I hadn’t checked my account since this afternoon so Cool asked me to log in. Now I realise it was probably the GM doing his thing earlier in the day.

This is what I found:

Apron returned

I’m so glad it worked out and I’m sure Cool has learnt his lesson (and me too) but it doesn’t mean I’ll be taking my apron out of the mailbox any time soon. It’s ok though, I still have 364 days to collect it.