With an abundance of rares on the Isle, it was just a matter of time before I encountered each one. Quite a few of them require some sort of interaction before they will spawn which makes it a fun endeavour to discover them all. Never-the-less I’m still surprised by the sheer number of rares on this mysterious Isle.

Archiereus of Flame

Located next to the inner wall of Ordon Sanctuary.
Drop: Elixir of Ancient Knowledge


Croaking Hollow.
Drop: Gulp Froglet


Interact with his ‘Conspicuously Empty Shell’ to reveal his aggressive nature

If one wasn't bad enough you get three

If one wasn’t bad enough, you get three.
Drop: Blackflame Daggers


At the top of the broken bridge.
Drop: Falling Flame


Has an appetite for cranes.
Drop: Pristine Stalker Hide

Dread Ship Vazuvius

Summoned from the Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern after killing Evermaw.
Drop: Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner

Emerald Gander

One of the new tameable pets.
Drop: Windfeather Plume


This monstrosity moves pretty fast around the Isle, even while you’re dpsing him.
Drop: Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern

Flintlord Gairan

Follow the outer wall on the left side of Ordon Sanctuary until you see an alcove.
Drops: Ash-Covered Horn and Ordon Death Chime


Swims in a red pool at the top of Ordon Sanctuary. One way to get to him is using the Albatross
Drop: Ruby Droplet

Golganarr Timeless Isle Rares

Under the bridge at Red Stone Run.
Drop: Odd Polished Stone

Gu'chi the Swarmer

Circles around Old Pi’jiu village.
Drop: Swarmling of Gu’chi

Great Turtle Furyshell

Found on the shore right next to the horde camp.
Drop: Hardened Shell

Imperial Python

Found him curled behind a tree stump. Shares a spawn with the other snakes. 
Drop: Death Adder Hatchling

Ironfur Steelhorn

May replace any of the yak locations on the Isle.
Drop: Tuft of Yak Fur

Jakur of Ordon

Towards the cliff of Firewalker Ruins.
Drop: Warning Sign


Talk to the Fisherman to summon Karkanos.
Drop: Giant Purse of Timeless Coins


It only took two casts to summon this guy


Along The Blazing Way surrounded by sprites (67, 44).
Drop: Ashleaf Spriteling

Monstrous Spineclaw

Spawns in any Ancient Spineclaw location with a higher concentration around the horde camp.
Drop: Spineclaw Crab


Event: Once you help the crew fend off some Rattling Mariners, Rattleskew will appear. (61.8, 87.7)
Drop: Captain Zvezdan’s Lost Leg

Rock Moss

Found at the back of the Cavern of Lost Spirits.
Drop: Golden Moss


Spawns in the Mysterious Den after using the Rock-Breaking Hammer to break through the cave-in. (59.1, 48.9) Just wait inside the cave, then use the hammer once the rocks respawn.
Drop: Cursed Talisman

Spirit of Jadefire

Found inside the Cavern of Lost Spirits. Can spawn in a few spots.
Drop: Jadefire Spirit and Glowing Green Ash


Resides in his own little den next to the broken bridge. (54.1, 42.5)
Drop: Pristine Stalker Hide

Urdur the Cauterizer

Inside Ordon Sanctuary.
Drop: Sunset Stone

Watcher Oso

Just off the beaten path of Firewalker Ruins.
Drop: Ashen Stone

Whizzig Timeless Isle Rares

Can spawn in several locations around the Celestial Court

Wizzig is a friendly rare spawn sitting on top of a huge snail who can spawn in four locations around the Celestial Court. He sells pet biscuits, a priest glyph technique and four costumes to dress up your Perky Pug. Each costume costs 500 Timeless Coins with 5 charges each.

For those interested, here’s a video of the Perky Pug costumes.

Spawns just off Old Pi'jiu village

Spawns just off the coast of Old Pi’jiu village.
Drop: Rain Stone

Zhu-Gon the Sour

A Barrel of Skunky Brew will appear in the cantre of Old Pi’jiu village. Killing all ten ‘leaks’ will spawn Zhu-Gon.
Drop: Skunky Alemental

The notable drops are not 100% but you can check out all the rares drop pets on my Pet Additions – 5.4 post.