With only a few days left to run Tarren Mill vs Southshore, I headed into this special 10th Anniversary deathmatch to see if I could get an easy win.

As a healer, it was a fast queue – about as fast as it took to die after zoning into a losing battle. It seemed the Alliance were camping our graveyard as half our team had already left. Not a great start but not unusual BG behaviour so Cool and I rez’ed and found a nice secluded spot to wait it out. No need to give them two more bodies to farm. Even with 15mins left on the timer, their score was climbing fast so it was over pretty quickly.

The second time we entered it was a fresh group. Initially, Cool wanted to defend our base but I wanted to follow the group to see how it played out. It was great. We moved forward as a group making our way towards their graveyard and pretty much stayed there for the duration of the match.

Give them a taste of their own medicine, I thought. It felt like we didn’t have many casualties and I easily kept us both alive, as well as everyone else within range. I even managed to DPS using everything in my arsenal but I wasn’t going to feel content unless I had 1 killing blow.


It felt like we were gaining ranks pretty quickly towards the end and thought I had High Warlord about a second before the match ended. Hmm, maybe I should have recorded it. Oh well. Maybe next time. Either way I still walked out with a title so that’s pretty cool.


Woot! No deaths and I must say I’m pretty proud of my healing. All-in-all, it was a lot more enjoyable than I expected since I haven’t really PVP’ed for over a year.