In the western part of Tirisfal Glades, you’ll find a magical ring of mushrooms at the heart of the Whispering Forest. The mushrooms emit a faint glow and every so often, a number of Fey-Drunk Darters will appear. They spawn individually at approximately ten to fifteen-minute intervals so you’ll be in for a wait, but if you decide to hang around, you won’t be disappointed.

Faerie Dragon Circle

Once all the Fey-Drunk Darters have spawned, it will be another hour or so before they start to move in unison. Magical golden notes appear above their heads as if they are singing.

Fairy circle d Faerie Dragon Nest

While the music is playing, beams of golden light shine from each Darter, converging in the centre of the mushroom ring – known as the Faerie Circle. The deer, fawn and stags in the area seem enchanted by the music as they slowly gather around the circle. The event lasts ~2mins ending when the Darters slowly turn to fly away, perhaps fading out to the Emerald Dream. The curious animals similarly walk away as if nothing had happened.

The event used to happen every six hours or so but in Patch 6.1, it was decreased to 10-15 minute intervals.

Fairy circle Faerie Dragon Nest

The Faerie Dragon Music Roll was added in Patch 6.1. It spawns in the middle of the mushroom ring and can be added to your garrison’s B.O.O.M B.O.X.

For those who haven’t experienced the magic of the Faerie Circle yet, you’re really missing out on something special – especially at night.

As of Battle for Azeroth, you will need to speak to Zidormi (north-east of Undercity), before you can see the faerie dragons and start the event.