Six new cooking recipes were added in Patch 5.4.

All you need to do is farm a number of Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys from the mogu in the Vale. You will need at least six keys though as there’s only the potential for one recipe per cache.

Several rares can also spawn inside Guo-Lai Halls so be sure to kill them as they drop the new cooking materials needed for these recipes. This also applies to the rares outside which are listed under the One Many Army achievement. Once you have around ten keys, head down into the Hall of the Serpent or Hall of Statues to unlock the Ancient Guo-Lai Caches found at the end of either room.

Hall of StatuesSpirit Wall-orb

A Jade Colossus still patrols the Hall of Statues but he’s easy enough to avoid or kill. Working your way across the room is now a lot easier with a greater number of safe tiles and only one spirit wall to deactivate in the far left corner.

Hall of StatuesHall of the Serpent

I must have been lucky with my first three keys because I received a new recipe in each cache but it took a total of 20 keys to collect all six. On a side note, the Relic of the Thunder King and Relic of Guo-Lai are now BoA.

RiceHere’s the list of ingredients you’ll need to make them all:

Note that all these ingredients have a 2hr duration so don’t bother picking them up unless you plan to use them. Also these last four locations are the ones used for the old Golden Lotus dailies.

Most of the buffs give some sort of animation upon use. The coolest would have to be stamina with spirit being the least noticeable.