Ever since Nat sent me on the quest for Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme all those years ago, I never expected to be where I am now. Back then, I wasn’t even high enough to quest in Feralas so had no idea where the Verdantis River was but a friendly Alliance player noticed my level and asked if I needed help after killing something I had aggroed. Luckily for me, they were nice enough to lead me to the river before wishing me luck and riding off. For my trouble, Nat rewarded me with his Lucky Fishing Pole but that has long been replaced.

As the years passed, I would visit him from time to time on various alts but after finding his measuring tape in ZG, I was happy to pay him another visit.

Nowadays, you’ll find him in Krasarang Wilds as the Anglers Quartermaster but as an added perk, he now has a friendship bar. In order to gain rep with him, you’ll have to fish up three different types of rare fish each day – the Flying Tiger Gourami, Mimic Octopus and the Spinefish Alpha. I found they were a pretty common catch from both open water and pools with all three giving 660 rep (inc. guild perk).

Once you’ve achieved Learning from the Best, you’re eligible to buy Nat’s Hat which was a welcome upgrade to my Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat. The upgraded lure will also come in handy for those still collecting the four Tiny Carps.


Not long after I had purchased the hat, I noticed he’d sent me some mail. I admit I was only expecting a letter but I probably should have known better since The Tillers all send you some sort of perk for your farm. So imagine my surprise when I saw Nat’s Fishing Chair sitting in the mailbox. :D

I spent some time trying it out in various locations, including Nagrand and the Jade Forest.


But I felt it only fair that I visit Nat where it all began in the Marsh.

Nat in Dustwallow

At least now I have a comfy chair to sit in if I ever feel the need to fish.