It’s been a while since I’ve written any trial-and-error posts but since I’ve been playing around with some of the items in my bag recently, I’ve discovered some interesting things.

Falling Flame with levitate

Did you know using Falling Flame while levitating causes you to keel over like you have an acute case of appendicitis? Better than dying when you hit the ground anyway (short of using a goblin glider like the one from the Isle vendor). I usually land in the water so I’ve never noticed any falling damage; at least that was enough to kill you, so this time, I hit levitate to test the effect.

After landing in the ocean, I flew up to one of the peaks overlooking Firewalker Ruins and used all four weather stones while waiting for a rare to spawn.

As you can see, each one adds to the others until you get to the Sunset Stone. I couldn’t see any change for the last one but I didn’t mind since you generally see a sunset anyway.

It’s still a great way to break the monotony of an isle frozen in time.